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Welcome to my website. It would be great if you would take time to get to know me and my passion. Webdesignbykj.com was created out of my desire to take my passion and skills for web design & development to the next level. Over the years I have taken many courses at universities, and online sessions toward learning the tools of the profession in hopes that I could eventually open my own business.
That day has finally come to fruition.

While in the beginning stages, webdesignbykj.com is now running and up. I did bring a set of auxiliary skills with my experience, working with clients in call centers, restaurants, and retail business's. I have over 15-20 years of time in various industries (as well as web design and development) that helped honed my customer service, and people skills. I feel that these jobs help me relate and understand them what my client’s needs and wants are looking into what they want to accomplish. Giving me an edge that most "programmers" do not have.

I believe that these jobs skills bring a much needed skill set to help the clients. My abilities to "actively listen", to implement them, and maintain a great working relationship comes from these strong communication skills that I possess. So this process of bringing your business to the web can be super easy to the client.

However, during this process, I will require ideas, needs and wants so that we can fully bring your vision of a business to an online brand version. In doing so you can obtain more exposure which help your reach your goals for your business and compete with those companies who already building their companies with their websites.

Webdesignbykj.com is a small business with big ideas, with great desire to take your business to the next level.
Remember we are always "flexible in cost, service, and time."

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